Being able to micro manage, prioritize, and delegate tasks are just a few of the skills that a nurse can use to their advantage. Micro-managing skills are crucial in the event of having multiple patients in the office at one time. Between administering medications, checking records for inhaler, authorizations, and calling parents, the ability to keep track of ongoing tasks and do all of them efficiently is critical. Being able to roll with the punches goes a long way, and losing your cool when there is a line of students out the door isn’t the best laid plan.

Prioritizing students’ needs is also a way to quickly gain school status as the, “Best nurse EVER!” if someone comes into your office with a fever, followed by a student having an asthma attack–it’s obvious which students gets attention first. If you have an aide on hand, be sure they’re taking care of the student with the fever. If you ever need to make a 911 call or arrange for an ambulance pickup, trust your judgment. Learning to balance the triage of your school’s particular “rush” will be key in figuring out when you can do paperwork, catch up on email, and return important calls to parents.

Being able to delegate tasks to your aides is also important. Many nurses can often feel guilty about taking advantage of others’ help, but that’s why they’re there! They want to learn just as much as you could use their help. It’s a win-win situation. Be sure that any aide understands what your expectations of them are, and establish clear and consistent communication boundaries. Making sure that everyone is on the same page will help keep the office running smoothly. Setting aside a time to return parent calls, follow up on emails, and meet with supervisors can help streamline a busy schedule.

Remember to have fun, and treat students how you would want to be treated. Relating to them on a professional level and keeping authoritative is important, but students respond positively to adults who treat them as equals. Being friendly and asking students about their day or coursework while patching up bumps and bruises can go a long way.

Rising to the ranks of “Best School Nurse Ever” may seem like a daunting task, but if you keep these tips in mind, it’s within your grasp.