Autism Specialist

The best part of being an autism specialist is that you get to boost the confidence of your individual students everyday. When you work with ProCare, your ability to do so is multiplied. We work with special education departments of all shapes and sizes, pairing them up with school professionals like yourself. Achieve your full potential as an autism specialist with us, so you can help students achieve theirs.

Autism Specialist Responsibilities

Autism specialists can work in a variety of different environments. However, they typically work in an educational setting, especially with younger children, acting as a method of early intervention to students with autism. Autism specialists are actually a type of behavioral specialist that have chosen to work with autistic children. As a result, their job responsibilities are quite similar. They diagnose, implement treatment plans and then assess. They also work with a variety of different disciplines to create a full encompassing treatment plan. Additionally, you will need to complete Individualized Education Program documents and maintain other administrative files.

Certified Autism Specialist Requirements

In order to begin your career as an autism specialist you need to first receive a Master’s Degree in Psychology or Behavioral Analysis. In addition to an internship in the field, you will have to complete and pass a national exam that credentials you with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. Besides schooling and licensing, certain interpersonal skills are also important. These include being communicative, patient, passionate and dedicated. If you meet these requirements and think you have what it takes, apply to one of our autism specialist job opportunities.