New York Behavior Specialist Jobs in Schools: BCBA, ABA & RBT

In one of ProCare’s New York behavior specialist jobs in schools, you’ll have a deeply rewarding career supporting children with emotional or behavioral issues with empathy and high-quality care. ProCare Therapy is dedicated to helping children in need of your expertise, and we want to help you spend less time job hunting and more time doing what you do best. With our partnerships with districts across the state, you have access to the best behavior specialist jobs in schools in New York. From RBT school jobs to BCBA teaching jobs in New York, discover opportunities with ProCare today.

Responsibilities of ABA, RBT & BCBA School Jobs in New York

The primary responsibility of all behavior specialist jobs in schools in New York is to make sure students with behavioral, social or emotional challenges receive the treatment best for them. Board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) jobs in New York help do this with comprehensive assessments and individualized treatment plans aimed at improving student behavior.

Registered behavior technicians (RBTs) are credentialed paraprofessionals who meet with children one-on-one to carry out these special treatment programs. In addition, professionals in New York RBT school jobs work closely with BCBAs by providing frequent updates on behavioral progress, which helps shape the modification plan.

For applied behavior analyst (ABA) jobs in New York schools, responsibilities include creating and carrying out individualized ABA therapeutic programs for students with emotional or learning disorders.

Requirements for New York BCBA, ABA & RBT School Jobs

BCBA school jobs in New York require, at a minimum, a master’s degree from an accredited institution in education, psychology or behavioral analysis. Previous supervised experience is also required for behavior specialist jobs in schools in New York, as well as national certification and state licensure.

If you’re passionate about working with children with emotional, behavioral or learning challenges, we encourage you to explore ProCare’s variety of New York behavior specialist jobs in schools. Browse and apply for openings today, including RBT, ABA and BCBA school jobs in New York!

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