COVID-19 Healthcare Jobs

Helping to Tackle the COVID-19 Crisis

At ProCare Therapy, we are committed to helping others. The current crisis with the COVID-19 has us wanting to help in more ways. That’s why in addition to our focus of school professionals, we are now helping healthcare organizations find the help that they need.

One of our goals is building brighter communities. At ProCare Therapy, we believe we can positively impact communities by dedicating our time to finding healthcare professionals that can really make a difference. Some of those healthcare professionals include Crisis Nurses and Respiratory Therapists. We are focusing on getting quality healthcare professionals to the communities that need them most.

Crisis Positions we are hiring for:

  • Emergency Room Registered Nurses
  • ICU Registered Nurses
  • Med-Surge Registered Nurses
  • Respiratory Therapists

State Licensing Requirements:

The HHS has recently issued a regulation that will allow many healthcare workers to practice across state lines. That means as long as professionals have a state license in the United States, they can go where services are needed the most.

Crisis Pay for Nursing and Respiratory Therapist Jobs

Currently, many healthcare organizations are paying crisis pay rates.

If you are interested in one of our Crisis Response positions, search our Crisis Healthcare jobs and apply today.  

Find the very best way to help our communities and fight COVID-19 by joining ProCare Therapy.

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