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ProCare Scholarship FAQs

How can I acquire a ProCare Therapy Scholarship application?
You may download the application here .

When may I apply?
To apply for the ProCare Therapy Scholarship, you must be going into the final year of the graduate program you are attending.

Who should apply?
Graduate students interested in working as speech-language pathologists in the school setting upon graduation are encouraged to apply. It is important that a candidate is on track to graduate, comfortable with a contract commitment and has the flexibility to relocate after graduation, if necessary.

To apply for the ProCare Therapy Scholarship, should I attend a specific university?
The ProCare Therapy Scholarship of $2,000 per semester, up to the $4,000 total award, may be used for school-related expenses associated with any ASHA-approved graduate program.

Will I have any assignments or obligations to ProCare Therapy while I am completing my degree?
You will not have any assignment or obligation directly to ProCare Therapy while you are going to school.

What is my commitment to ProCare Therapy if I am awarded and accept a scholarship?
If awarded a scholarship, you must sign a contract upon acceptance to work full-time with ProCare Therapy in a school setting for one year after graduation. The employment period begins immediately after graduation.

After graduation, may I choose the location where I would like to work?
Placements are assigned based on the areas of highest need; however we will certainly take your preferences into consideration. Some states or areas with consistent need for school speech-language pathologists are: California, Nevada, New Mexico, Washington, South and North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Georgia.

How will I be compensated?
Upon starting employment, the recipient will be paid the same competitive pay rate as ProCare Therapy employees in the same location with the same experience.

What are some of the benefits?

  • CF supervision and mentoring
  • Excellent compensation
  • Customized benefits packages
  • Continuing education funds
  • Referral bonus program
  • Payment of ASHA dues
  • 401(k) with matching
  • Materials and a materials budget
  • Professional development days and paid personal days

What would my caseload be?
There are many factors that will affect the size of your caseload, including the state and district you work in. Your caseload size will be comparable to those of other therapists in the same school district.

Will I have an office at the school? Will I have a computer?
Resources vary from district to district.

Will I get a budget for materials?
New therapists receive diagnostic materials in addition to a materials budget for the school year. All employees receive a budget for materials.

If you have additional questions about the scholarship offered by ProCare Therapy please call 888.899.1331 or email .

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