Frequently Asked Questions for School Professionals

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FAQs for School Professionals

What jobs are ProCare Therapy currently hiring for?

ProCare Therapy is currently hiring nationwide for professionals within special education. Specifically, we are hiring Speech Language Pathologists, School Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Special Education Teachers, Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Teachers of the Visually Impaired, Physical Therapists, Sign Language Interpreters, Nurses, School Counselors, School Social Workers, Behavioral Specialists, and Para-educators.

How do I apply for a job with ProCare Therapy?

To apply for a job, please complete the short form on the job listing you are interested in applying for and a Director of Educational Resources will follow up. Alternately, you may reach out via phone or email the Director of Educational Resources listed on the posting. If you do not see a job that matches what you are looking for, please submit your resume via the "Submit Resume" option at the top right of the screen and a Director of Educational Resources will be in touch.

What to expect for your interview?

After a pre-screening with a Director of Education Resources, ProCare Therapy will facilitate a phone interview between the school professional and the Special Education Director at the hiring school district. Sometimes, video conference and in-person interviews are also arranged. These interviews allow the school professional to learn the specific details of the job and the school district.

Where can I find information about my professional association and licensure?

Fortunately, you can find everything you need to know about your professional association and licensure right here! Upon accepting an offer with ProCare Therapy, you will be asked to provide a copy of your professional license and certifications for verification, so select your discipline below and stay up to date:

What resources does ProCare provide school professionals?

Depending on your discipline and compensation plan, ProCare Therapy can offer license and CEU reimbursements. In addition to licensing assistance, you can visit our resource section for up-to-date industry news, information, and trends.

Does ProCare have part-time positions available?

Yes! We have a variety of different job types from full to part-time, permanent or temporary, and even travel opportuntities spanning across the country. You can find all of our available openings on our school jobs page.

How many years of experience does ProCare require?

ProCare Therapy employs new graduates as those with limited schools-based experience. Please speak with your Director of Educational Resources to see what job opportunities will best match your qualifications.

FAQs for School District Faculty

What type of services does ProCare offer their clients?

ProCare Therapy offers clients long-term and short-term staffing solutions within special education. We staff for Speech Language Pathologists, School Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Special Education Teachers, Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Teachers of the Visually Impaired, Physical Therapists, Sign Language Interpreters, Nurses, School Counselors, School Social Workers, Behavioral Specialists, and Para-educators for hourly full-time, part-time, and virtual/distance learning roles.

How does ProCare Therapy staffing promote consistency?

The measures, metrics and processes used to evaluate professionals vary based on the district's priorities and objectives; however, we always ensure that a quality process is in place to drive continuous process improvement, productivity improvement and accountability. Furthermore, our clients have hands-on participation in all of our processes. You will have the opportunity to influence, change and evaluate our services. Once the selected consultant is on-site, we keep the communication channels open with both the district administrator and the professional. We designate personnel in each of our offices to communicate with consultants in the field. We also assign a lead supervisor who resides in your local area. The lead supervisor is responsible for orienting the professional to our company and your organization while maintaining frequent and regular contact with the professional.

How to choose between staffing services companies?

School districts choose to work with ProCare Therapy for 3 reasons: simplicity, experience, and innovative recruiting. We simplify the staffing process by giving one point of contact and with over 20 years of experience, we've homed in on some of the best recruiting software to automate and expedite the staffing process. Though our focus is education, our client base spans the private and public sectors and includes several government programs where therapists are needed. Our directors of educational resources operate under a "full-desk" model, meaning our account managers also serve as our recruiters. This practice essentially cuts out the middleman and allows the person who best understands your needs to have immediate access to, and a pre-existing relationship with, the therapist who can best address those needs.

What is the process for schools to hire through ProCare Therapy?

Once a candidate has been pre-screened and vetted by a Director of Educational Resources, they will be submitted to the district in consideration of an interview. Interviews are typically conducted over the phone to ensure that the candidate would be a good fit for the district and job requirements. If a good fit is determined, a formal contract is sent to both the school district and the candidate to secure the role. Depending on the speed of scheduling an interview and the district contract approval process, candidates can sometimes be hired within 24 hours of submittal.

How do I request staffing services with ProCare Therapy?

To request staffing services with ProCare Therapy, please select "Request Talent" at the top right of the screen and complete the short form.  Alternatively, you can call 1-888-899-1331 or email [email protected] to be connected to a Director of Educational Resources.

How is ProCare addressing the therapist shortage problem?

ProCare Therapy is addressing the therapy shortage problem by doubling down on our recruiting efforts and expanding opportunities for tele-therapists nationwide.

How do school professionals keep track of a child's progress?

School professions keep track of a child's progress by following the districts documentation system. Our therapists are familiar with a majority of the online IEP programs used nationwide.

How do schools benefit from teletherapy?

Schools benefit from teletherapy by connecting students, regardless of location, with experienced and qualified tele-practitioners and tele-educators. As the implementation of tele-services has only grown exponentially, studies have shown that tele-services can be just as effective as on-site services. Not to mention, teletherapy is the most cost-effective method of delivering care to students.

What additional resources does ProCare Therapy have for their clients?

In addition to tele-services, ProCare Therapy can provide access to Blazerworks – a Managed Service Provider – which consolidates some of the largest educational staffing companies.  Blazerworks streamlines staffing services by giving one point of contact and consolidating invoices.  Please visit for more information.

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