Teacher Jobs

In one of ProCare’s teacher jobs, you’ll play a vital role in the development of children of all ages and needs. You are shaping the minds of students day in and day out. ProCare is on a mission to place passionate general education teachers and teacher assistants in schools where they can make an immediate impact and do what they do best.

Responsibilities of Teaching Jobs

Whether you’re passionate about teaching STEM to middle schoolers, engaging in fun activities as a gym teacher, or wanting to set a foundation of knowledge as a kindergarten general education teacher, any one of our teacher jobs makes for an extremely rewarding career.

While the specific day-to-day responsibilities depend on the specific teacher job you pursue, all teaching jobs give you the opportunity to impact the lives of students every day. Responsibilities of general education teacher jobs include creating lesson plans that instruct students on math, social studies, and everything in between. All teachers also work with school administrators and other school professionals on a daily basis and are responsible for tracking the progress of students, enforcing school policies, and preparing their pupils for county and state exams.

Some general education teachers choose to focus on specific fields of teaching that have additional responsibilities. For example, a general education teacher that focuses on reading would be considered a reading specialist. Their responsibilities also include tasks that focus on helping students improve their reading skills. Another example would be life skills teachers, who are responsible for helping students understand how to complete tasks like managing money, preparing food, and filling out job applications.

Requirements for Teacher Jobs

The level of education required for teaching jobs depends on the age of the students you will teach and the state you are looking to work in. For example, some states only require preschool teachers to have a high school diploma and certification. While most teachers receive a bachelor’s degree in education or higher, some states also require teachers to actually specialize in the educational subject matter they will teach, such as history or science. In addition, all teacher jobs require applicants to be licensed in the state in which they teach. We recommend checking with your state’s board of education to be sure you meet the most recent educational and licensure requirements for the role you’re looking for.

On top of educational requirements for teachers, there are several soft skills that are equally as important. Having strong attributes in communicating, writing, and instructing makes for exceptional teachers.

Teacher Job Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in elementary school teacher jobs is projected to increase by 7.4% from 2020 to 2030. Employment in both middle school teacher jobs and high school teacher jobs is projected to increase by roughly 8% during this period.

If you have a passion for working with children, we invite you to browse ProCare’s wide range of teacher jobs today!

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