Professional Associations & Licensure

Being a member of a professional association can be very beneficial for school professionals to get ahead in their career and to have the knowledge they need to help their students grow. With so many options for professional associations out there, we are here to help you find the best for your job focus. Whether you are a school nurse or a speech-language pathologist, there is an association that is right for you.

Professional associations that we highlight typically offer:

  • Continuing education courses and programs – Many associations offer continuing education units (CEU) as part of being a member while others offer discounts to take courses. In addition, many host their own conferences and seminars that are exclusively for their members.
  • Networking opportunities and member-only forums – Associations are a great way to build professional relationships. Count on association forums to get feedback and questions answered from others who hold the same position as you. Another great way to network with your peers is through association-sponsored events. Here you can meet others that have the same passion and focus as you.
  • Educational content and resources – Most associations provide members a peer-reviewed journal, e-newsletters and scientific-based articles. Association website resource sections are a great place to find articles and other content that are on industry-specific topics.
  • Interest groups – If you are interested in a specific topic under the umbrella of your profession, associations will usually offer special interest groups.
  • Advocacy for your industry – Professional associations want to ensure that your best interests are protected. That is why they are regularly lobbying on your behalf, as well as on behalf of the students you are helping.

In addition, school-based associations are a great place to get information on regulations, certifications, industry standards, legislative updates and more.

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