School Occupational Therapist and COTA Jobs

Children nationwide rely on the support of professionals who are passionate about their school occupational therapist jobs and certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA) jobs to overcome mental, developmental and emotional impairments. Through personal evaluations, expert care and ongoing support, a school occupational therapist can help students achieve long-term success. At ProCare Therapy, we take the stress out of the job search process and help dedicated professionals succeed in their school occupational therapist or COTA careers.

When you work in one of ProCare’s COTA jobs or occupational therapist jobs in schools, including occupational therapist part-time jobs, you’re met with a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits and ongoing career support along with access to premier school-based occupational therapy jobs at exceptional school districts.

School Occupational Therapist & COTA Job Responsibilities

In school-based occupational therapy jobs, the primary responsibility of both a therapist and an occupational therapy assistant (COTA), is to help children perform daily activities by focusing on a variety of sensory, physical and cognitive skills. School occupational therapists, part-time OTs and COTAs improve the well-being of children in schools by allowing them to participate socially and academically. They accomplish this by working alongside other school professionals to create a modified plan of treatment that helps minimize obstacles to participation.

School-Based Occupational Therapy Job Requirements

To apply for occupational therapist jobs in schools, including part-time OT jobs, you will need to receive a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and licensure to work in your state. Taking and passing the National Board for Certification of Occupational Therapists (NBCOT) is the first step you must take to become licensed.

To apply for COTA jobs, you will need to receive an associate degree from an accredited program before taking the NBCOT exam. After receiving licensure from the state, you can apply for school occupational therapy assistant jobs and practice inside schools with a therapist present.

Occupational Therapist Part Time Jobs

Because occupational therapists are in high demand in schools nationwide, occupational therapist part-time jobs have become an increasingly popular solution to help fill schools with essential professionals without requiring them to commit to full-time work.

The job functions of part-time OT jobs and part-time COTA jobs are similar to those of their full-time counterparts. Both full-time and part-time OTs assess students’ needs, develop and implement individualized therapy plans, collaborate with teachers and other school staff, and monitor progress.

The most significant difference between full-time and part-time occupational therapist jobs is the number of working hours. Because part-time positions usually require fewer hours per week, OTs benefit from greater flexibility and work-life balance.

In addition, occupational therapist part-time jobs typically require smaller caseloads. This can be beneficial and lead to a more focused approach to therapy as therapists have more time to dedicate to each student’s needs; however, it also means that part-time OTs need to prioritize their time and resources more carefully to meet the needs of all their students.

Full-Time & Part-Time Occupational Therapist Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national mean annual wage for occupational therapist jobs is $92,800. The national mean annual wage for occupational therapy assistant jobs is $66,280. The average part-time occupational therapist salary varies depending on working hours; however, the median pay for hourly employees is $44.80 per hour.

With an incredible job outlook, now is the perfect time to apply for school occupational therapist jobs. Browse the variety of jobs available with ProCare Therapy today, including school occupational therapist part-time jobs, traveling occupational therapist jobs, COTA jobs and more!

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