Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Jobs

With one of ProCare’s teacher of the deaf jobs, you’ll do more than just help deaf and hard-of-hearing students communicate effectively; you’ll help these students recognize their full potential. Our deaf and hard-of-hearing teacher jobs allow you to play an essential role in the educational experience for students with hearing impairments, ensuring they receive the right level of support and are on the path to success. At ProCare Therapy, we want to help you realize your full potential as a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing. That’s why, in addition to helping you find the perfect deaf education teacher jobs for you, we offer educators ongoing and hands-on career support, paid association dues, materials allowances, mentoring, relocation assistance and more. Explore ProCare’s wide range of teacher of the deaf jobs today!

Teacher of the Deaf Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities of teacher of the deaf jobs primarily involve assisting students and children who have some form of hearing loss. These educators develop children’s communication skills, helping the students grow personally, intellectually and socially. Similar to other school professional jobs, additional responsibilities of deaf and hard of hearing teacher jobs include working alongside other teachers, parents and other school professionals and developing and creating personalized IEP plans.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher Job Requirements

While laws vary by state, most deaf education teacher jobs require you to have a bachelor’s degree in education or another related field. Many teachers continue their education and receive a master’s degree as well. Like all forms of teaching, state certification and license are required before you start, so we recommend checking with your state’s Department of Education to ensure you meet the requirements for the role you want. In addition, districts hiring for teacher of the deaf jobs look for applicants who are social and collaborative people, comfortable working as part of a team and leading instructions.

If you are an incredibly passionate teacher who wants to make a positive impact on the lives of students who are deaf and hard of hearing, we want to work with you. Explore ProCare’s wide range of exceptional teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing jobs below, and apply for your dream position today!

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