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Providing attention, care, and therapy to children is more than transactional. It is almost always emotional. That's why, in our roles, here at ProCare Therapy we understand we do much more than place therapists in schools. We facilitate these special connections every day.

As a school leader, you witness these connections and understand the importance that specialized school providers have on the children they work with. That is why it is imperative for you to stay in the know with evolving trends, policies, and hiring practices for schools. Ensuring your school is properly staffed with highly-trained, dedicated professionals is a never-ending process.

Our resource section, tailored specifically to school leaders who hire, manage, and implement special education programs around the country, regardless of their size, is here to keep you informed. Whether you are new to working with a school staffing agency or a seasoned partner with education fulfillment services, there is always something new to learn in the world of school staffing.

At ProCare Therapy, updating our resource section with useful information is just one more way we strive to go beyond the transactional. We realize our ability to inspire others, explore new possibilities, and educate those around us. We do all of this with one thing always on the top of our minds – the kids.

So, if you are a school leader looking to learn more and help your district thrive, make sure to check out some of our awesome resources. And if you are ready to partner with ProCare Therapy, request talent here so we can help your school live up to its true potential.

Explore school jobs near you and find your next opportunity to make an impact on children's lives.

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