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School Psychologist Resume Template & Example

School Psychologist Resume

During your job search, your resume can be your best ally. You have worked hard to be in position to land the ideal school psychologist job, and a powerful resume can help impress potential employers. However, there is a right way to compose this document, a way that will help your application stand out from your competition. In this guide, we look closely at the elements that make an exceptional resume and supply an example that checks all the required boxes.

School Psychologist Resume Template

As a dedicated specialist, you have the experience, abilities, and training that matters. You are well-qualified and capable of performing the various duties of a school psych, but you need to organize that information in a specific format. Some of the essential components that you should include are:

  • Objective: Directly below your identifying information (name, phone number, email, etc.), you will want to include an effective objective statement. This concise text describes who you are and what you want in your career, all in a few powerful words.
  • Duties: In this section, you list out the many duties you have performed, and those responsibilities you are well-equipped to handle should they be part of the position you are targeting.
  • Work Experience: Here, you can list your past positions in the field and elaborate on how all of this prior experience has prepared you for this job. This section can include internships, volunteer experience, and continuing education coursework.
  • Certifications: As a school psychologist, you have earned various certifications and credentials. In this portion of the resume, you explain the specific certificates you obtained and when you received them.
  • Education: Considering the amount of education you go through to become a school psychologist, this section may include numerous items. The standard format starts with the most recent educational experience first and lists the remaining ones after.

School Psychologist Resume Objective

Many employers read over the objective statement and make a critical decision right then. Will your resume make it to the correct pile, the one that the hiring committee will look at more closely, or will it end up in the discard stack? You should put careful consideration into the objective statement so that it hooks your future boss into learning more about your potential.

While objectives vary based on individual styles, they often include specific characteristics that help sell your talents to the organization. Here are some examples of objective statements that you can change to make your own:

  • In my seven years as a school psychologist, I have acquired extensive knowledge of student mental health, behavior, and learning. My substantial skill set would transfer perfectly to the available position at [organization].
  • As a seasoned school psychologist, I positively impacted countless children and families, nurturing and supporting students to achieve optimal outcomes consistently. I’m eager to join [organization] to continue developing and excelling in the field, to provide strategies to improve all students’ well-being.
  • With my three years of supporting students across multiple grade levels, I am ready and able to join your organization’s dynamic environment. My tenacity, patience, and commitment to increasing mental health will mesh perfectly with your team.

School Psychologist Duties on Resume

  • Implementing personalized psychological therapies
  • Increasing self-advocacy in youth
  • Being a valued mentor to students
  • Writing meticulous and accurate psych reports
  • Serving as a liaison between families, parents, and school teams
  • Overseeing student growth and development
  • Consulting with other specialists, teachers, and administrators
  • Continually developing as a professional school psychologist

School Psychologist Resume Example

Dominika Nalepa


MA School Psychology

State University, City, ST

MS Child Development and Learning

University, City, ST

BA Psychology

University of State, City, ST


Pupil Personnel Services Credential in School Psychology


Licensed Educational Psychologist #1234


  • Trained in CDE dyslexia guidelines
  • Proficient in identifying learning disabilities using the Patterns of Strengths and Weaknesses model (XBAS and simple model), RTI and discrepancy
  • Knowledge of specific learning profiles of second-language learners and assessment tools for testing students identified as English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Strong presentation, communication and collaboration skills
  • Strict adherence to deadlines
  • Creative, multi-faceted problem solving abilities


School Psychologist/Case Manager 2018 – current

County Office of Education, City, ST

  • Completed initial and triennial psycho-educational evaluations for students in all autism programs for the County Office of Education (PreK-12th )
  • Implemented weekly social and emotional/self-regulation groups for students in the autism-specific middle and high school classes using a verified curriculum (ex. Zones of Regulation)
  • Case manager for the Autism Center (PreK-5th, 9th-12th) – a highly structured program for students with moderate to severe autism Scheduled and facilitated all Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for students in the program and served as the LEA representative
  • Organized and facilitated trainings for new staff and teachers regarding best practices in supporting students with autism (ex. behavior techniques, IEP goal implementation, inclusion practices)
  • Collaborated with physicians, regional centers, ABA companies, and other community agencies to ensure wrap around support for students and their families
  • Supported teachers in writing measurable IEP goals based on assessment results
  • Organized and facilitated bi-weekly team meetings for teachers and service providers in the autism programs to promote collaboration and team building

School Psychologist 2017- 2018

Home Service Company, City, ST

  • Conducted Psychoeducational and Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) assessments focused on cultural and language-sensitivity for students in diverse charter schools (grades K-12) within city
  • Provided supervision and guidance to School Psychology practicum students
  • Participated in Manifestation Determination meetings and evaluated potential placement options
  • Provided guidance to charter schools as to the special education referral processes
  • Collaborated with outside agencies within the community to ensure wrap around services for students and families

School Psychologist2013 – 2015

City Unified School District

  • Collaborated with teachers, parents and special education staff to complete comprehensive initial and triennial psycho-educational evaluations, which included curriculum based measurement,dynamic assessment, and standardized testing
  • Completed Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA) assessments and developed Positive Behavior Intervention Plans (PBIP) based on target behavior
  • Provided training for teachers and support staff in the effective implementation of replacement behavior strategies outlined in PBIP
  • Participated as a member of a school’s Behavioral Response to Intervention (RTI) team by attending trainings, developing data-driven, Tier 2 Behavioral RTI accommodations and modifications, tracking tools, providing trainings at school-wide staff meetings, and consulting with teachers regarding individualized strategies.
  • Implemented Social Emotional Learning Curriculum (Second Step) at K-5 grade levels.
  • Designed and facilitated counseling groups and individual sessions on various topics such as anger management, self-esteem, healthy peer relations, anxiety, depression and social skills


Psychology Instructor 2007 – 2010

University of State

  • Taught Introductory Psychology to high school students in a summer program
  • Developed interactive lesson plans in the areas of Clinical, Abnormal, and Developmental Psychology
  • Encouraged hands-on experiences through educational field trips within the state.
  • Collaborated with directors and other teachers during weekly meetings to discuss curricular adaptations that would ensure a culture-rich experience for all students