Adapted Physical Education Jobs in Alabama

In an adapted physical education job in Alabama, you’ll empower students of all abilities to embrace the power of play and develop essential skills that they can carry throughout their lives. Adaptive PE teachers are essential to school districts across the nation, and our adapted PE jobs in Alabama present a perfect opportunity to help students participate in physical education in a way that best meets their needs.

ProCare Therapy matches dedicated professionals like you with adaptive physical education jobs in Alabama every day. We understand that when you are in a role that supports your career goals, you can better focus on what you do best—helping students discover, apply, and sharpen their abilities with fun activities alongside their peers.

Alabama Adaptive PE Teacher Responsibilities

In an adapted physical education job in Alabama, you will create and provide physical education to students in ways that best support their needs. You’ll develop individualized and collaborative activities that keep students active while considering the needs of your students and their physical abilities. Adapted PE teachers in Alabama will also create and monitor IEP plans, perform assessments, and help students with motor competency.

Alabama Adapted PE Job Requirements

State agencies outline their own specific certification requirements needed to work as an APE teacher, and these requirements vary by state. If you’re considering pursuing a career as an adaptive PE teacher in Alabama, we recommend visiting the Alabama State Department of Education to see the state’s most recent requirements. In addition, school districts may have their own preferences for APE teacher qualifications.

Some adaptive physical education jobs in Alabama may ask that applicants pass the Adapted Physical Education National Standards (APENS) examination. To qualify for the APENS examination, professionals must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, a valid teaching license, and complete a 12-hour adapted physical education course.

Additional requirements to be considered for an Alabama adaptive physical education job include excellent communication skills and the ability to demonstrate, implement, and supervise physical activity.

If you love working with children and want to embrace the power of play, one of our adapted physical education jobs in Alabama would make a perfect career for you. Browse our openings and apply today!

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