Adapted Physical Education Jobs in California

As an adaptive PE teacher in California, you know the true power of play. Your role in an adapted physical education job is to facilitate an environment where all children, regardless of abilities, can engage in physical activity and participate in fun activities alongside each other.

At ProCare Therapy, we greatly appreciate the work that adaptive PE teachers do for students each and every day. This is why we work to match professionals with rewarding adapted physical education jobs in incredible school districts across the country. We want to see you make a difference in the lives of students by helping you discover the perfect adapted PE job in California for you.

California Adaptive PE Teacher Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of a California adaptive physical education job is to ensure all children are receiving an optimal physical education experience. The day-to-day responsibilities you’ll take on in an adapted PE job may include creating physical education lessons and activities revolving around play and fitness for students with disabilities, promoting motor competency, creating IEP plans, and assessing students’ motor skills.

California Adapted PE Job Requirements

Not all states require certification in adaptive physical education, and the required certifications for providing adaptive physical education have been left up to the educational agencies of each state.

However, there are specific certifications required to work as an adapted PE teacher in California. The Adapted Physical Education Added Authorization permits candidates to teach physical education to students with disabilities. Additional certifications may be required depending on the school district and the specific California adapted physical education job role you are applying for.

Applicants for adapted physical education jobs in California may be required to take the Adapted Physical Education National Standards (APENS) examination. To take the APENS examination, professionals must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, a valid teaching license, and complete a 12-hour adapted physical education course.

School districts hiring adaptive PE teachers in California also look for applicants who meet the standards set by the National Consortium for Physical Education and Recreation. These requirements for adaptive PE teachers include communication skills and the ability to demonstrate, implement, and supervise children to ensure a safe and structured environment for physical activity.

Are you ready to empower students with play? We have a variety of adapted PE jobs in California waiting for you today—check out openings with ProCare Therapy and apply now!

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