Adapted Physical Education Jobs in Illinois

In an adapted physical education job in Illinois, you’ll have the opportunity to empower students of all abilities to engage in play and physical activity alongside each other. Adaptive PE teachers play an essential role, and at ProCare Therapy, we recognize that.

We work with incredible school districts across the country to help passionate professionals find rewarding and fulfilling careers as adaptive PE teachers. Find the perfect opportunity for you and start making a difference in students’ lives by browsing our adapted physical education jobs in Illinois today!

Illinois Adaptive PE Teacher Responsibilities

In an Illinois adaptive physical education job, your role is to develop and instruct physical education curricula that all children of varying abilities can participate in and enjoy. Some daily responsibilities you’ll take on as an adaptive PE teacher in Illinois include developing and deploying PE activities, teaching and monitoring motor competency, creating IEP plans, and performing student assessments.

Illinois Adapted PE Job Requirements

Not all states require certification in adaptive physical education, and the required certifications for providing adaptive physical education vary by each state and school district. We recommend visiting the Illinois State Board of Education before applying for adaptive PE jobs in Illinois to ensure you meet the most up-to-date requirements.

Applicants may be required to take the Adapted Physical Education National Standards (APENS) examination before working as an adaptive PE teacher in Illinois. To take the APENS examination, professionals must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, a valid teaching license, and complete a 12-hour adapted physical education course.

Before applying for adapted physical education jobs in Illinois, you’ll also want to meet the standards set by the National Consortium for Physical Education and Recreation. These standards outline additional requirements for adaptive PE teachers, such as effective communication and teaching skills and the ability to manage and promote a structured, safe learning environment.

If a career in adapted physical education sounds like the right path for you, get started by browsing ProCare’s adapted PE jobs in Illinois today!