Adapted Physical Education Jobs in New York

As an adaptive PE teacher in New York, you recognize the true value of exercise and play. Your role in an adapted physical education job is essential in ensuring all kids have the opportunity to participate.

At ProCare Therapy, we applaud the work that adaptive PE teachers do, which is why we want to match you with the right adapted PE job for you. We work with school districts coast to coast to place qualified professionals in the best adapted physical education jobs New York has to offer, and we’d be honored to help you find your perfect role.

New York Adaptive PE Teacher Responsibilities

The responsibilities of an adapted PE job in New York revolve around the essential duty of ensuring all students receive enjoyable physical education instruction that meets their needs and capabilities. The day-to-day APE job duties may include creating individualized instruction and lessons that meet the needs of students and empower them with motor competency, recreational play, and physical fitness. Additional responsibilities of a New York adaptive PE job include managing and developing IEP plans and performing assessments on students’ motor abilities.

New York Adapted PE Job Requirements

In New York, instruction in APE for students must be provided by a certified physical education teacher. In addition, depending on the school district, many adaptive physical education jobs in New York require applicants to take the Adapted Physical Education National Standards (APENS) examination. This may be requested so that the school district can measure how capable an applicant is in providing adapted physical education to their students. To take the APENS examination, professionals must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, a valid teaching license, and complete a 12-hour adapted physical education course.

The National Consortium for Physical Education and Recreation has implemented a set of standards that those interested in New York adapted PE jobs should possess, including excellent communication skills, an understanding of physical activity, and the ability to demonstrate and supervise children performing physical activity. It’s also important that adaptive PE teachers can manage behaviors and maintain a safe learning environment.

Are you passionate about inclusive play and promoting a fun environment for all children? We have a variety of adapted PE jobs in New York and around the country waiting for you today. If you’re ready to make a difference in the lives of students, check out the jobs available with ProCare Therapy and apply now!

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