Educational Diagnostician Jobs in California

In an educational diagnostician job in California, you’ll have the opportunity to help children grow the skills, confidence, and knowledge they need, supporting their success inside and outside the classroom. This role allows you to help students overcome educational challenges, fostering a love and appreciation of learning.

California school districts are growing the level of support their special education departments provide to students, and they need passionate professionals like you. At ProCare Therapy, we work with school districts nationwide to connect educational diagnosticians with the perfect job for them. Learn more about special education educational diagnostician jobs in California below and browse our available openings!

California Educational Diagnostician Job Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of all educational diagnostician jobs in California, is working with students who have learning difficulties. In this role, you support students by collaborating with school professionals and parents on education programs, conducting assessments and comprehensive evaluations, and developing and monitoring individualized plans.

California Special Education Educational Diagnostician Job Requirements

A master’s degree in education and an educational diagnostician certification is required for educational diagnostician jobs in California. In addition, you must hold the specific certifications required by the state you will work in.

Schools are looking for applicants who possess soft skills such as patience, organization, and excellent communication. While not a requirement, speaking multiple languages is an attractive skill in this role, and these applicants should consider applying for bilingual educational diagnostician jobs in California.

If this career sounds like something you’re interested in, get started by browsing ProCare’s wide variety of educational diagnostician jobs in California today!