Educational Diagnostician Jobs in Louisiana

If you’re interested in educational diagnostician jobs in Louisiana, you know more than anyone the importance of student connection. In this role, you will have the opportunity to help different children work through learning obstacles with an individualized approach.

With many Louisiana schools growing their special education departments to provide more support for their students, there’s an increasing amount of educational diagnostician jobs in need of professionals like you. ProCare Therapy works with school districts nationwide to match passionate educational diagnosticians with exceptional opportunities. We want to see children succeed, and we know you play a large role in that success. Browse our variety of educational diagnostician jobs in Louisiana today to get started.

Louisiana Educational Diagnostician Job Responsibilities

In any of our educational diagnostician jobs, your primary role will be to work in schools as a special education provider and assist students with learning difficulties. In addition to working one-on-one with the students, you will also need to work with parents, collaborating on education plans to ensure student success.

An essential element of a special education diagnostician job in Louisiana is working with other professionals to complete a comprehensive evaluation of the student. The assessment you provide will help guide the individualized plan for each student. Additionally, you will need to monitor student progress over time and re-evaluate the education program depending on the progress made.

Louisiana Special Education Educational Diagnostician Job Requirements

Louisiana educational diagnostician jobs require a wide range of important qualities from applicants. Strong communication skills are a must, as the role revolves around communication and interactions with students and other professionals. You must also be organized, detail-oriented, and patient. Fluency in additional languages is another valuable asset for applicants, as Louisiana has many bilingual educational diagnostician jobs.

To be considered for educational diagnostician jobs in Louisiana, you must receive a master’s degree in education and hold an educational diagnostician certification. It is nationally required that all educational diagnosticians become licensed, but these specific certifications vary by state.

Do you have a passion for helping children grow their confidence and overcome learning obstacles? Start by browsing our wide variety of educational diagnostician jobs in Louisiana waiting for you today!