Educational Diagnostician Jobs in New York

When you take on an educational diagnostician job in New York, you’ll play an essential role in the lives of children, helping them grow into confident learners with the skills they need to be successful.

School districts across New York are building out their special education departments to provide students with a better level of support, and they’re looking for passionate professionals like yourself to join the team.

ProCare Therapy works closely with school districts nationwide to connect educational diagnosticians with the role that best meets their needs. We invite you to learn more about special education educational diagnostician jobs in New York below!

New York Educational Diagnostician Job Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of all educational diagnostician jobs in New York, is working one-on-one with students who have learning disorders or disabilities. An educational diagnostician will support these students by collaborating with other school-based professionals and parents to develop education programs and individualized plans. Additional responsibilities of the role include performing assessments on students and adjusting education plans according to student progress.

New York Special Education Educational Diagnostician Job Requirements

It is required to have a master’s degree in education and an educational diagnostician certification before applying for educational diagnostician jobs in New York. In addition, you must hold specific certifications outlined by the state you will work in.

In addition to the educational requirements, educational diagnosticians must be patient, organized, and excellent communicators, as the role requires collaboration with multiple parties. While not a requirement, speaking multiple languages is a great skill to possess in this role, and we recommend that bilingual professionals consider applying for bilingual educational diagnostician jobs in New York.

Ready to take on a rewarding career where you will help children develop the skills they need to be successful? Start by browsing ProCare’s wide variety of special education educational diagnostician jobs in New York today!