Reading Specialist

Students and children across the country have difficulties reading, making it imperative that every school has a dedicated reading specialist like you on hand. You understand more than anyone, that helping children improve their reading skills creates a foundation for success as they move through the school system. By partnering with schools in need, we have created opportunities across the nation for you to empower students with strong reading abilities.

Reading Specialist Responsibilities

Reading specialists primarily work in schools with younger children, most commonly in grades K-6. However, it is not entirely uncommon for these specialists to assist older students or even adults. You can also find reading specialists working alongside teachers, enlightening them with reading techniques that they can then pass onto their students. They also assess and identify students’ reading capabilities and help create a plan of action to correct any deficiencies they may have. One benefit of working as a reading specialist is the flexible hours that they tend to have. Since these specialists typically work with students individually, they are not confined to the traditional classroom setting and school hours.

Reading Specialist Requirements

Like many school-based professions, reading specialists are required to earn a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Literacy, Reading, or an Education related field. After completing the degree, some form of an internship is mandated where they can gain real-life experience. Once the specialist decides which state they would like to work in, they must complete the corresponding state’s test and then apply for a teaching license. Some states and school districts even require their reading specialist to obtain a Master’s Degree in Reading Education before they apply to any reading specialist jobs.

If your passion is to help shape the minds of students, then we are ready to work with you! Apply to one of our reading specialist jobs below.