Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Mental health is becoming an increasingly important issue inside school districts across the country. As a result, the need for passionate licensed professional clinical counselors, like you, is higher than ever. ProCare Therapy is dedicated to helping you find opportunities where you can begin to make an immediate impact. We offer competitive pay, continued career support, and comprehensive benefits, so you can forget about the stress of finding a job and simply worry about brightening the future of your students.

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Responsibilities

While licensed professional clinical counselors can specialize in several different settings, their job function and responsibilities remain the same. The main responsibility they have inside the school setting is to help children cope and resolve any psychological issues they may have. This can encompass family, emotional, and even substance-abuse issues. Counselors may have to work with parents and other school professionals, keeping them up to date with the student’s progress.

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Requirements

Similar to working as a school counselor, all licensed professional clinical counselors jobs require at a minimum a master’s degree. Before you find a master’s program, you must receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology or another related field. Once complete, the requirements to begin working depends on which state you intend on practicing in. Most states require you to complete a licensing exam that certifies you with the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC). Lastly, double check with your state laws to see if there are any continuing education requirements.