School Social Worker Jobs in Minnesota

ProCare’s school social worker jobs in Minnesota make for a deeply rewarding career where you’ll help children overcome obstacles and embark on successful futures. At ProCare Therapy, we recognize the impact you have on children each and every day. That’s why we’re dedicated to matching passionate professionals like you with exceptional school social work jobs in Minnesota. In addition, we offer competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, and ongoing career support, meaning you can focus more of your time and energy on helping children succeed.

Minnesota School Social Work Job Responsibilities

Numerous hurdles, including poverty, violence, emotional struggles, substance abuse, and domestic conflicts, can affect students and their chances of success. Professionals in Minnesota school social worker jobs identify children facing these challenges and offer them advocacy, resources, and guidance to ensure each child is successful, safe, and supported.

School social work positions in Minnesota also require social workers to cooperate with teachers and parents, ensuring that the child has a comprehensive level of support so that they can overcome social, emotional, physical, and psychological challenges.

Minnesota School Social Worker Position Requirements

At a minimum, it’s required to have a bachelor’s degree in social work to be considered for school social worker positions in Minnesota. However, some entry-level positions may accept applicants with a related degree, such as psychology. In addition, passing the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) exam and receiving licensing and relevant certifications, which vary from state to state, are requirements for the role. We recommend that you check with your state’s Department of Education for the most recent requirements needed for social work positions in schools in Minnesota.

Minnesota Social Work Positions in Schools: Salary & Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment of child, family, and school social workers in Minnesota is projected to grow 10.6% from 2020 to 2030. While the average salary for school social work positions varies depending on your level of experience and education, the annual mean wage for Minnesota social worker jobs is $64,490.

Students across the state need passionate professionals who can help them achieve success. Browse available school social worker jobs in Minnesota below today and start making a difference!

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