Special Education Teacher Jobs in Arizona

The rate of children being diagnosed with developmental delays and learning challenges is increasing—meaning openings of special education teacher jobs in Arizona have soared. Schools across the state are in need of qualified, eager and caring professionals like yourself.

At ProCare Therapy, we want to celebrate what you do for students. This is why we help thousands of extraordinary professionals like yourself find the special education teacher job that best aligns with their expertise and career aspirations. To further show our appreciation, we offer highly competitive special education teacher salaries, comprehensive benefits and ongoing career support.

Arizona Special Education Teacher Job Responsibilities

In an Arizona special education teaching job, you will work individually and in groups with children with diverse disabilities, including physical, mental, emotional or learning disabilities. Special education teachers are responsible for creating individual learning lessons in standard grade-level subjects like math, writing and reading. In a teacher of special education job, you will also create Education Programs for each of your students, conduct student assessments, supervise special education teacher assistants and communicate with parents and other professionals.

Arizona Special Education Teaching Job Requirements

The requirements for Arizona special education teacher jobs are similar to what is required for general education teachers. Special education teachers need at least a bachelor’s degree in special education, elementary education, or another subject such as math or science. Every state requires public school educators to be licensed and certified, but specific certifications and licenses required vary by state. To confirm that you meet the most recently required certifications in Arizona, contact or visit the state’s Department of Education.

Job Outlook & Salary of a Special Education Teacher in Arizona

The employment outlook for special education teacher jobs in Arizona is higher than in most states. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment is expected to grow by 11.1% to 22% from 2020 to 2030.

In Arizona, the median annual wage for special education preschool teachers is $53,440; the median annual wage for special education kindergarten and elementary school teachers is $55,680; the median annual wage for special education middle school teachers is $54,890; and the median annual wage for special education secondary school teachers is $57,280.

Learn what this deeply rewarding career can offer you by browsing our available special education teacher jobs in Arizona today, including special education teacher assistant and online special education teacher jobs!

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