Special Education Teacher Jobs in Pennsylvania

As the number of children diagnosed with learning and developmental disabilities rises, your expertise is needed in a growing number of schools across the state. If you love working with children, want to make a difference in schools and wish to pursue a rewarding career, our selection of special education teacher jobs in Pennsylvania offers a variety of opportunities perfect for you.

At ProCare Therapy, we want to celebrate the incredible impact you have on your students. We also understand that you need a role that best meets your needs to perform your best. This is why we work to match thousands of professionals like yourself with fulfilling opportunities nationwide. In addition, we offer competitive special education teacher salaries, comprehensive benefits and ongoing career support.

Pennsylvania Special Education Teacher Job Responsibilities

Once you accept a special education teaching job in Pennsylvania, you will quickly learn that each day presents new and exciting responsibilities. However, these day-to-day responsibilities will primarily focus on assisting and working with children with varying disabilities, including physical, mental, emotional or learning disabilities.

Creating and adapting general education lesson plans, designing individualized Education Programs, performing assessments and communicating with special education teacher assistants and parents are additional responsibilities you will find in a Pennsylvania special education teacher job.

Pennsylvania Special Education Teaching Job Requirements

Like the requirements of a general education teacher job, special education teacher jobs in Pennsylvania need applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree in special education, elementary education, or another subject such as math or science. It is also important to know that school educators must meet the licensing and certification requirements outlined by the state they will work in. Before applying for a special education teacher job in Pennsylvania, review the state’s requirements by contacting or visiting the state’s Department of Education.

Job Outlook & Salary of a Special Education Teacher in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania special education teacher job employment is on track to grow significantly. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, special education teacher employment is expected to increase by 5.4% to 11.9% from 2020 to 2030.

In Pennsylvania, the median annual wage for special education preschool teachers is $63,310; the median annual wage for special education kindergarten and elementary school teachers is $69,450; the median annual wage for special education middle school teachers is $78,310; and the median annual wage for special education secondary school teachers is $66,880.

Embark on an exciting career path and explore our special education teacher jobs in Pennsylvania today, including special education teacher assistant and online special education teacher jobs!

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