School Speech Language Pathologist Jobs in Oregon

At ProCare therapy, we recognize the essential role that school speech-language pathologists play in student success both academically and in life. When you take a school speech-language pathologist job in Oregon with ProCare, you’re shown appreciation for the passion, determination, patience and empathy you bring to work each day in schools across the state.

School SLPs provide students with the courage and confidence to be the best version they can be. Students are given the skills they need to participate socially and engage more in and out of class, which helps set the foundation to thrive and flourish in their future endeavors.

Each and every one of ProCare Therapy’s school speech-language pathology jobs in Oregon presents a brand-new opportunity to take on a fulfilling work experience—working at a different school, in a different district and with individual students who are all extraordinary in their own ways.

Ready to make an impact on the lives of students across the state? Start by browsing school SLP jobs in Oregon today and find the perfect opening for you with ProCare Therapy.

Oregon School Speech Language Pathologist Job Duties

In a speech-language pathologist or speech-language pathology assistant job in Oregon, your responsibilities will focus on identifying and evaluating students’ conditions and providing speech therapy.

The specific job duties you will perform will vary day-to-day responsibilities will vary; however, you can also expect to collaborate with teachers, special educators, interpreters and parents to create and facilitate the administration of individual or group programs. You may also provide counseling and support classroom activities. If you practice a speciality, the school SLP job in Oregon may also allow you to focus on this area of expertise, such as non-verbal communication.

Speech Language Pathology Salary in Oregon

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual mean wage for speech-language pathologists in Oregon is $93,920. Nationally, the median annual wage for speech-language pathologists is $79,060. For SLPs in elementary and secondary schools, the national average annual mean wage is $80,240.

Oregon SLP Job Market

According to the BLS, national employment of speech-language pathologists is projected to grow 21% from 2021 to 2031, much faster than the average for all occupations. In Oregon, speech-language pathologist employment is expected to grow 28% from 2020 to 2030.

The BLS attributes this growth to the increased awareness of speech and language disorders, such as stuttering, in younger children. This increased awareness is driving a need for more speech-language pathologists who specialize in treating that younger age group. Also, more speech-language pathologists will be needed to work with children with autism to improve their ability to communicate and socialize effectively.

Oregon SLP Job Requirements

All states require that speech-language pathologists be licensed. If you’re considering pursuing a SLP job in Oregon, it’s important that the licensure requirements vary by state. Requirements typically include clinical experience and passing an exam. In addition, speech-language pathologists who work in schools may need a teaching certification. For up-to-date Oregon school SLP job requirements, contact the state’s Department of Education or the school district or private institution you are interested in.

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