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School Occupational Therapist Caseload Guide

Considering a career as a school-based OT? Learn about school occupational therapist caseload expectations in this guide from ProCare Therapy!

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The 10 Best Inclusively Designed Schools in America 

From state-of-the-art sensory rooms to award-winning modern designs, join ProCare Therapy as we celebrate these ten best inclusively designed schools in the United States. 

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Interview Questions for School-Based Occupational Therapists

From the types of questions you’ll be asked to helpful tips and interview advice, explore ProCare’s school occupational therapist interview guide.

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Benefits of Speech Therapy for Children

School-based therapy can cover a wide range of services from psychologists, school nurses, speech-language pathologists, special education teachers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, sign language interpreters, and more. The goal of the school district is to create a comprehensive team of professionals who can come together to create the best learning environment for students with developmental disabilities. For example, special education teachers can help teach students who are unable to attend mainstream classes with their peers. Speech-language pathologists can help these students learn the communication skills they need to make themselves heard. Occupational and physical therapists can help them with any physical challenges they need to overcome.

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Therapy Swings – How They Help Students at School

In sensory therapy, some approaches work better than others. One proven therapeutic treatment is the use of therapy swings. There are many versions of swings available today, each with specific functions and purposes. Occupational therapists incorporate them into sensory integration therapy with various goals depending on the student’s needs. More and more schools use these valuable tools today than ever before, and students across the spectrum of learning challenges can benefit significantly from them. Whether students need to calm down, recover from overstimulation, or develop their sensory processing capabilities, a swing may offer the solution.

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