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The School Professional Industry is constantly changing and adapting. These articles focus on a variety of topics including self-help for therapists, the latest industry conferences and more!

What is a School Psychologist License?

Want to become a licensed school psychologist? Learn about all the school psychologist license requirements here, including state information and FAQs.

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What is a Speech-Language Pathologist & How Much Can They Earn?

From developmental disabilities and emotional challenges to speech impediments and swallowing issues, there are countless conditions and speech-related problems that require the unique expertise of a speech-language pathologist (SLP).

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student uses teletherapy technology to connect with a school therapist.

6 Remote School Jobs In-Demand for School Professionals

Working a remote school job is now a real possibility for school professionals, especially in the therapy and special education sectors with the advancement of teletherapy technologies.

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Understanding Dyslexia in Children: Definition, Signs and Symptoms

Dyslexia is the most common learning disability in the U.S.; it’s estimated that one in five Americans are affected by it. While 20 years ago educational provisions for the reading disorder were virtually nonexistent, the government now spends around $11 billion annually to help support school children with dyslexia (and other disorders).

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Healthcare Skill Checklist

Healthcare – Skills Checklist

These skills assessments are designed to determine your level of competency in the areas listed below. By completing the checklist to the best of your ability, you will help us match your skills and areas of interest with our available assignments. Please indicate your appropriate level for each category.

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