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School Social Worker vs School Counselor: What’s the Difference?

The roles of school social workers and school counselors are often confused, and they do overlap some. Both school counselors and school social workers are professionals who provide support for students' education, but each one has a distinct primary focus.

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Can Therapy Dogs Smell Stress?

Therapy dogs are not uncommon in the world of educational therapy. Many times, they work with special education classes to assist students. These canine companions may help encourage them in speech and language, move with them during physical therapy, or simply be a friendly face that makes them happy. Now there are even more specialized therapy dogs that are able to smell stress. These canines are able to sniff out the subtle scent of the stress hormone cortisol on a person's breath.

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Does Your School Have Enough Therapy Staff to Meet Your Students’ Particular Needs?

Schools across the United States have been shifting a lot of job responsibilities in recent years to therapy staff members. Some of this is due to budget cuts and new jobs not being created. At the same time, some of it is because of increased needs of the students within the schools. Schools are faced with more students that have special needs, are living in poverty, and have limited English language skills. These circumstances have caused the ratio of students-to-therapists to change dramatically.

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