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A discussion on the different types of therapy and how they may help a variety of students.

Utilizing Sensory Therapy in Schools

If you walk into any classroom, chances are you will see at least several students struggling with one thing. Why are they having difficulties? Many are unable to focus on their work and sit still in their seats. While many may rush to judge and say that they have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), it may be something else. There are newer therapies which can be used with students who struggle in this area.

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Playgrounds as Therapy Spaces

Playgrounds are often thought of as a space for kids to play and get energy out. The reality for school therapists and teachers is they can provide an outdoor therapy space and classroom. In addition to this, playgrounds are areas that students feel safe in because they are associated with fun. This helps to lower student anxiety and resistance to talking, working on skills, and more. When weather permits, school counselors, therapists, and special education teachers are working in time on playgrounds to incorporate therapy sessions and lesson plans.

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Dancing for Student Well-Being

When you walk into most classrooms, you see children sitting at desks. While these may be in rows or grouped together, the kids are always sitting for long periods of time. This typically begins in elementary school and continues into high school and beyond. Child development specialists know that play, movement, laughter, and fun are needed for social and emotional well-being. The problem is that there is little time in the school day for kids to do this. Much of the focus is on the academic day, and this can be detrimental to many children.

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Surf’s Up? Thinking Outside of the Box with Therapy

Schools across the country are seeing an increase of students that require different types of therapy needs. Some of these may be due to special needs, but often times it is for mental, social, and developmental reasons. Sometimes traditional therapy with a school psychologist may be beneficial. However, not all children are willing to open up. In addition to this, some many not simply need to talk things over in their life. They may actually need a form of therapy that is abstract and personalized to them to decrease their anxiety, depression, or stress levels.

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Art Therapy as a Tool to Complement Traditional Therapies

People all over the world have been utilizing the arts to assist individuals who are experiencing problems in their life. Between experiencing tragedy or anxiety debilitating them, art therapy may help. Art therapy may include painting, sculpture, or other options using a wide selection of art media. While there is little data available to back up what therapists have seen, creative expression can be powerful to those in need of healing. Even without the statistics to prove the relationship with mental health help, many schools and communities are embracing art therapy.

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