Category: School Counselors

Your goal as a school counselor is to provide the best possible level of service to students K-12. This series of blogs and articles will provide you with information that will help you maintain the high-quality level of care your students deserve.

Group Counseling for Students: Pros and Cons

Group counseling is a proven and practical approach to alleviating social, emotional, and mental challenges. Coming together with peers is a valuable tool to achieving success, but, like anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to this format.

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School Counselors and Self-Injury

Times have changed in schools, and with that, so have topics that school counselors need to be comfortable talking about. More students are showing signs and symptoms related to self-injury. This means that professionals within schools have to know the facts behind them and how to reach out to students if they suspect self-injury or if it is reported.

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