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Topics that are related to helping students with the support they need. ProCare is dedicated to helping therapist and other school professionals offer students guidance on a variety of related topics.

The 10 Best Inclusively Designed Schools in America 

From state-of-the-art sensory rooms to award-winning modern designs, join ProCare Therapy as we celebrate these ten best inclusively designed schools in the United States. 

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How to Write the Perfect SLP Clinical Fellowship Cover Letter: A Step-By-Step Guide

Learn how to craft the perfect SLP clinical fellowship cover letter in this step-by-step guide by ProCare, including an SLP CFY cover letter example!

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paraprofessionals help students in the classroom

Top Paraprofessional Interview Questions & Answers

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“How to Stop Bullying”: US Bullying Search Trends

More than one in five (20.8%) students report being bullied in the US every year. Reports also estimate that only 36% of kids who are bullied actually report it, so the figures are probably much higher.

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Teaching Backpack Safety to Students

A must-have supply for kids as they head back to school is a backpack. This bag is the key to students getting all of their supplies and homework to and from school. One problem these days is that kids are not following backpack safety, and many are getting hurt. The school nurse and physical therapist need to help and educate everyone within schools on proper backpack wearing. This will help to ensure that there are less injuries and visits to the health office. If children are in pain from their backpack, then they will miss instruction or have trouble concentrating.

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