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Special education teachers work with a variety of different students and kids, who all have their own unique set of needs. These blogs and resources are designed to provide special education teachers with information and knowledge that will allow them to better perform their job!

paraprofessionals help students in the classroom

Top Paraprofessional Interview Questions & Answers

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How to Write a Special Education Teacher Description

So, you are looking to hire a qualified and dynamic special education teacher. How do you attract the right candidates? A significant factor in the process is the job description: you want to include precise information and specific wording to bring in the best.

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Example Special Education Teacher Interview Questions

Finding the ideal special education teacher to fit into your program can be challenging. It takes a unique individual to succeed in this field and knowing how to find the right one is essential in the hiring process. Let’s take a look at how to interview a special education teacher candidate effectively, including an overview of specific special education teacher interview questions.

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What is Assistive Technology for Special Education?

When working with children who have unique needs, it is important to always think outside of the box. What may work for one child may not be the right fit for another student and their individual needs. Sometimes when children are placed in the least restrictive classroom, it may be helpful to have an assistive technology evaluation done.

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Adapted Physical Education: Definition, Benefits & Specialists

Physical education is one of the most important parts of a child’s development. Scientists now know that physical activity shapes our brains as well as our bodies thanks to the neural connections between our muscles and our brains. Better physical education is associated with better outcomes for people with learning disabilities, and better health outcomes later in life.

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