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School nurses are the frontline of defense for keeping a school healthy and happy. Since the medical field is constantly evolving, it is important they stay abreast industry news. The articles, resources, and blogs found in this section will help school nurses with their careers and is a source of useful information that will help their practice.

How to Write a School Nurse Cover Letter

Learn everything about crafting the perfect school nurse cover letter in this guide from ProCare, including FAQs and school nurse cover letter examples.

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How to Become a School Nurse: School Nurse Career Guide

A career as a school nurse can be a deeply rewarding one, where each day brings new opportunities, challenges and faces. But before applying for roles, it’s important to understand the specific requirements for school nurses and what you’ll need to land the role of your dreams.

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How to Write the Perfect School Nurse Resume

School nurses are essential to students of all ages, serving a critical role in public and private educational settings. In addition to the responsibilities of other nurses, school nurses provide leadership, train staff and faculty, and develop emergency plans. Your resume should highlight how you excel in these key differences and the strengths that make you the ideal candidate for that school nursing position.

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Common School Nurse Interview Questions & Sample Answers

School nursing is a demanding yet rewarding profession, and candidates need to impress potential employers to land these coveted jobs. Educational sites looking to hire a nurse will ask various questions to ensure they get the right person for the job. As you prepare for your interview, knowing what kinds of questions hiring committees may ask is essential. Whether the questions are general or more technical, you can nail your answers if you know what is coming next. Let’s take a look at some common inquiries and answers.

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School Nurses Helping Students with Anxiety

The role of the school nurse keeps changing. Students still come into the nurse's office when they are sick or hurt, but it may be more complicated these days. There are times when a child may come to the nurse and say that they have a stomach ache. While it could be something more complex, it may also be anxiety.

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