Category: Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an important service for children in need by developing treatment plans that allow students to achieve their educational goals. If you a school physical therapist then use these blogs and articles to improve your career and find new therapy methods.

Physical Therapy and Movement in Schools

Recent research shows that children in schools benefit from physical activity. Moving their muscles around helps kids to concentrate in school and throughout their busy lives. For many children, it is too hard to stay in the same classroom and desk for long periods of time. Programs are being set up in many schools and districts to promote movement during the day, even when academics do not leave much time for them.  

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What Kind of Physical Therapy Equipment Do You Have for Your Student Athletes?

Physical therapists within school districts often work with the athletic departments to assist students. One way they do this is to help the physical education teachers to have safe plans for injured athletes to get back into gym classes. They work with the medical information provided to them from the child's doctor to come up with ways that they may increase their physical activities. They must work carefully so that re-injury does not occur while the students are strengthening their bodies after time away.

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