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ProCare Therapy Report Reveals the Best States to Raise a Family

In order to give your child the best possible start, it is important to choose the right place for them to grow up. This report provides an in-depth look at the best states in the United States to raise a child.

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Sensory Rooms: Why They’re Needed & How to Build One

Multi-sensory rooms are areas that are established to help students calm down or refocus during the school day. These rooms contain various items that help relieve anxiety or overstimulation that may have occurred in the classroom. The goal of sensory room items is to allow children a break and have a pleasurable experience through special implements that relate to textures, lights, sounds, and smells. 

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student uses teletherapy technology to connect with a school therapist.

6 Remote School Jobs In-Demand for School Professionals

Working a remote school job is now a real possibility for school professionals, especially in the therapy and special education sectors with the advancement of teletherapy technologies.

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paraprofessionals help students in the classroom

Top Paraprofessional Interview Questions & Answers

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The Essential Role of an Elementary School Counselor

Elementary students face a particularly challenging environment today, a mixture of confusion, fear, and ever-changing policies. The good news is that these kids have a precious resource: the elementary school counselor.

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