School psychologists play a vital role in the education system, helping students work through a wide range of obstacles, from emotional issues to academic struggles, to grow into successful, healthy learners. These professionals have a lasting impact on the lives of students each day, and by working closely with educators, parents, and other professionals, they ensure that children receive the support they need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

With such essential job responsibilities, it’s no wonder that school psychologists are in demand nationwide. In the United States, employment of school psychologists is expected to grow by 10.4% from 2020 to 2030, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But how much do school psychologists earn in the U.S., and how do salaries vary by location and educational background?

In this blog, ProCare Therapy experts dive into U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data and break down everything you need to know about the salaries of school psychologists, including the different factors that affect earnings and the potential for salary growth in this rewarding profession.

How Much is a School Psychologist Salary on Average?

The national school psychologist average salary, or mean annual wage for school psychologists, is $87,550. The mean hourly wage is $42.09.

The average school psychologist salary varies greatly depending on factors such as years of experience, education, school setting, age group focus, job location, and more. For example, the average elementary, middle school, and high school psychologist salary is $87,320; the average salary of a school psychologist working at colleges, universities, and professional schools is $80,560; and the average salary for a school psychologist employed in the educational support services industry is $103,000.

School Psychologist Salary by State:

The salary of a school psychologist can differ from state to state depending on job supply and demand and the cost of living. Explore the average school psychologist salaries by state below:

StateAnnual Mean Wage
for School Psychologists
New Hampshire$76,870
New Jersey$94,010
New Mexico$94,050
New York$99,750
North Carolina$64,060
North Dakota$68,740
Puerto Rico$64,590
Rhode Island$84,210
South Carolina$63,140
South Dakota$72,040
West Virginia$64,110

What is the Starting Salary for a School Psychologist?

Like most careers, entry-level positions may offer a lower starting salary for a school psychologist. Starting salaries can vary depending on the level of education the school psychologist has obtained as well as the setting and location that they are working in.

Because only 10% of school psychologists make less than $53,040 a year and the median annual salary is $81,500, it can be estimated that the starting salary for a school psychologist is somewhere between this $53,040 and $81,500 range.

How Much Does Your Education Level Affect Your Salary as a School Psychologist?

The level of education attained by a school psychologist has a significant impact on their earning potential. Although psychologists typically need a doctoral degree in psychology (Ph.D., EdD, and PsyD), a master’s degree or specialist degree is sufficient for some school psychologist positions.

However, school psychologists with a doctoral degree can expect a higher salary than those with a master’s degree. This is because a doctoral designation is generally regarded as increased credibility, and doctoral-level graduates are recognized as full-member psychologists by the American Psychological Association (APA). In addition, the advanced degrees require additional years of study and practical experience beyond a master’s degree.

According to an APA workforce study on salaries in psychology, the average salary for psychologists with doctoral degrees was $102,988. The average psychologist salary with a master’s degree, or professional degree, was $88,738.

How Much Can a School Psychologist Salary Increase?

As with many professions, the earning potential of a school psychologist can increase with experience. School psychologists who have worked in the field for several years may see their salaries grow as they gain expertise and take on additional responsibilities, such as supervisory roles or specialized positions within their school district. In addition to experience, school psychologists can also enhance their earning potential by obtaining additional certifications or licenses.

While the median annual salary for school psychologists is $81,500, 25% of employed school psychologists make over $103,890, and the top 10% of earners make over $128,800, highlighting the role’s salary growth potential.

Resources for School Psychologists

For more information on school psychologist salaries and employment, we recommend visiting the following helpful resources:

School Psychologist Salary FAQs:

Explore frequently asked questions about the salary of a school psychologist below!

How much does a school psychologist salary vary from state to state?

School psychologist salaries vary greatly from state to state, primarily depending on the cost of living in each location. For example, the school psychologist average salary is lowest in Missouri at $59,730, and the salary is highest in California at $106,890.

What are the best-paying cities for school psychologists?

The best-paying cities or metropolitan areas for school psychologists are:

  1. Canton-Massillon, OH
  2. Napa, CA
  3. Boulder, CO
  4. Santa Rosa, CA
  5. Trenton, NJ
  6. Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA
  7. Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA
  8. Fresno, CA
  9. Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, CA
  10. El Centro, CA

What other benefits would a school psychologist receive alongside their salary?

While school psychologists benefit monetarily from a well-paying career, these professionals also enjoy long summers and holiday breaks, rewarding and fulfilling job duties, and a promising job outlook. According to the BLS, employment of school psychologists is projected to grow by 10.4% from 2020 to 2030.

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